Past Symposium

  • Asian Studies Association (AAS)/ International Convention of Scholars (ICAS) Conference, '70 years of Asian Studies,' 31 March - 3 April 2011, panel: 'Twentieth Century Southeast Asian Works of Art: Material Choices and Behaviour,' panel confirmed with speakers Nicole Tse (panel organiser), Ana Labrador (Chair), Larry Cruz (NHI, Philippnes), Selina Halim (HCC, Singapore), Assoc. Prof. Supanee Chayabutra (Silpakorn University, Thailand), Roy Sit Kau Sin (Praceta do Musea de Macau), Muzrisal Mat Isa (National Art Gallery Malaysia),

  • The 12th AICCM Paintings Symposium: DIALOGUES WITH ARTISTS: Call For Papers

Outreach Programs


  • Ahmad, Amerrudin 'ABC = ANTARA BAHAN CAMPURAN' Selection of Mixed Media Artwork from the Permanent Collection by the National Art Gallery, Curator: Amerrudin Ahmad, Exhibition dates: 30/3/10 to 16/1/11, National Art Gallery Malaysia,

  • Trepang: The Chinese & Macassan trade with Aboriginal Australia. Opened Capital Museum Beijing 1 April, Melbourne Museum 23 July, This exhibition examines the recorded trade between Australia and China as documented in art, archives and archaeology, and honours the contemporary collaboration of the late Arnhem Land artist and song man Mr Bulunbulun and Chinese-born artist Zhou Xiaoping. It assesses the relationship of art as a record of cross-cultural engagement and the influence of this trade along the north-south trade route through Asia that encompassed China and Australia and either end. Steering Committee: Bruce Harvey, Jane Gronow, Daphne Morros, Elizabeth Marks, Marcia Langton, Sarah Morris, Robyn Sloggett, Suzanne Davies, Zhou Xiaoping, Dylan Brady, Robert Nudds, Stephanie Brady, Rio Tinto, Centre for Cultural Materials Conservation, University of Melbourne, Studio505, Studio Round, Reuben Fox, RMIT Gallery, RMIT University.


  • Tse, N 'Preventive Conservation in the Tropics', Workshop presented at the National Art Gallery Malaysia, 30-31 November 2010.

  • Tse, N, Melzer, L, Kowalski, V, Hill, C 'Silpakorn University Conservation Program, Thailand,' Art conservation training and treatment program from July 2010 to September 2010 (50 participants).

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