Research Activities

Our programme is interdisciplinary and four teams will tackle distinct but integrated research programs. Together they will provide unique industry-related research training for PhD and Masters students in conservation, art history, e-humanities, curatorial studies, physical and biochemical sciences at the collaborating universities and partner institutions.


Team 1: Art history and conservation reviews the historical context for materials commonly used by artists in Australia and Southeast Asia in the twentieth century, with case studies of artists and suppliers.

Team 2: Material developments and deterioration identifies industrial materials and artist's materials developed during the twentieth century, examining technological developments and associated impacts, changes to manufacturing processes and an assessment of behaviour in Australia and Southeast Asia.

Team 3: Scientific tools and techniques uses an innovative investigatory scientific framework to characterise twentieth century paints and provides a comprehensive understanding of the factors that contribute to degradation processes using free radical technology.

Team 4: IT tools and techniques develops the distributed knowledge base that underpins our project. They will identify and/or develop the standards, tools and services to enable the teams to upload, search, retrieve and share: historical data, interviews, paint databases, characterisation data manufacturing data, analytical workflows and outcomes. The innovative IT framework being developed to deliver this information will also ensure that this knowledge is available beyond the research teams for curators, artists, conservators, scientists and other interested parties and individuals.

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